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How to Write a Good Resume

June 30th, 2009 No comments

Writing a resume is one of the millions of things that you can learn online; however, you need an excellent resume to get you a job. Today’s economy is limiting the mobility of employees and locking down positions in organizations.

Learn how to do a good resume using a few simple facts of necessity:
• Always submit a personalized cover letter
• Always proof read for grammar and spelling errors
• Your experience is about accomplishments not job tasks
• Target your resume to the field you are applying to
• Not a biography, but you do need a personal touch

We you get online resume help, be careful to avoid the common pitfalls – resumes are not form written, and while you may use a form to start, you should not keep the exact form setup, employers see a lot of resumes and recognize the forms. When writing a successful resume, be sure to include various examples of your successful growth in previous jobs and examples of how you overcame adversity. Employers want to know that you are willing to take the extra step in making your employment successful for you and your organization.

Some instructions on how to write a resume will guide you through formatting, set up, and placement; however, you need to know what to write to get the employer to notice you – and you first. Getting an interview is dependent on a strong resume, so give it a serious thought. If you were an employer, what would you want to know before you would call? Unless you are in the process of changing fields, you probably know what you would ask an employee before you would consider them for a position, so think like an employer, and put the essential information into your resume.

When you prepare a resume, use qualified resume writing tips regarding your specific field. For instance, service related industries should define specific times when they have assisted customers, successful developing stronger consumer relationships, or enlarging accounts.  Writing a good resume involves selling yourself to potential employers, and that includes your past experiences, your education, your goals, and your knowledge of their organization. Resume writing must share key points that make you the most qualified choice for the position. Many people find it difficult to develop resumes for positions that are entry positions; however, remember that entry-level jobs require the same personal touch because employers are seeking employees who will make good fits for positions opening later.

Remember, your resume is the very first impression that a potential employer will make, so make it stand out, and make it your best foot forward!